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Try This Face Test

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“I’m not one who likes to play in the dirt, unless that “dirt” is Sierra by Pure Radiance! Well, Sierra isn’t really dirt – it’s actually a clay mask and I love that the clay in Sierra is naturally purer than most of the food you eat. In fact, it’s so rare, it’s found in only one tiny spot on Earth… deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

When I first received my jar of Sierra, I did a “face test,” using it on only one side of my face to compare. The difference was startling! After rinsing, the Sierra side was glowing and my skin felt silky smooth and soft. Now, Sierra is an important part of my beauty routine. I use it every week and sometimes twice a week — big-city grime takes its toll on my skin.

Another unique and, in my opinion, brilliant thing about Sierra is that it comes in the dry powder form of the clay, not as wet, goopy stuff in a jar, so it can’t dry up and go to waste. Try it! I think you’ll love it as much as I do.”

To learn more about Sierra, click here.

To Your Youthful Skin,
Jackie Silver

blue[Ed. Note: The latest addition to our panel of top experts, Jackie Silver is the author of Aging Backwards: Secrets to Staying Young. She’s a dynamic and beautiful 50-something bombshell who looks half her age. She created “Aging Backwards” in 2006 to help empower women to look and feel younger than their actual age. Keep reading Ageless Beauty Secrets for more of Jackie’s best tips, tricks and secret weapons for stopping the effects of aging and improving the whole self – mind, body and spirit.] 

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