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Stay Away From These Wrinkle Triggers

March 23, 2012 by  
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Is Your Skin Cream Actually Creating Wrinkles?

Why are some of us plagued by early wrinkles?

The “experts” fault everything from sun damage and poor hydration to a bad diet and faulty genes. Even smiling too much is said to cause wrinkles.

But there’s one cause you probably never suspected: your own skin cream.

Even worse than that, your skin cream could actually accelerate early wrinkling.

It’s because a lot of creams that are supposed to keep you looking good have the wrong blend of ingredients. This faulty combination of elements on the skin actually speeds up the aging process.

But thank goodness there’s a way to protect yourself. It starts with knowing the difference between the creams that stop the effects of aging and the ones that trigger wrinkles.

The 3 Guaranteed Wrinkle “Triggers”

We all know wrinkles are one of the surest signs of aging. But what actually triggers them?

Simple: Lack of moisture, loss of elasticity, and general thinning of the skin.

wrinkle triggers


Older skin can’t hold moisture very well because it’s slow to reproduce cells. This is the beginning of the wrinkling problem. After all, without constant cell rejuvenation, your oil glands and fat cells waste away. Your skin gradually dries up and loosens.

Throw a little gravity into the mix and your loose skin starts to droop and fold over. Just like that, you have wrinkles.

Young skin, on the other hand, is thick and full of elasticity. This means it springs back to its original shape when you’re not using your facial muscles.

But older, thinner, drier skin is less resilient. So when you frown or smile, your skin gets pulled along with your muscle. Once pulled, it has a tough time going back.

Remember when you were young and grown-ups told you not to make faces because your face might “freeze” like that? Well, it’s kind of true once you grow up.

If you constantly make the same facial expressions, your skin is more likely to fold in the direction of those muscle movements.

So, what do you do about it? My gut reaction was to try to reverse the problem. And I think a lot of women feel that way. That’s why so many buy into outrageous claims and promises by some manufacturers.

For starters, you have to be careful. The majority of skin creams aren’t inspected in medical labs. Few medical doctors are even involved with the research. Worse still, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require companies to prove that their cosmetic products are effective.

Why Most Skin Creams Only Give You a Short-Term Fix

The truth is, most skin creams only offer a short-term moisturizer — including the expensive ones. That’s because the majority just consist of a water and refined-vegetable oil combination. Your face feels smoother right after using them because the water expands your skin tissues. It basically inflates those tissues like a balloon with water.

But, that fix is only temporary. In a matter of hours, the water evaporates and is carried away by your blood stream. Your skin cells shrink. Your face feels dry and shows wrinkles.

Worse, the oil component doesn’t offer any natural protective qualities. In fact, if your beauty product contains oxidized vegetable oils, they can spark the development of free radicals. Free radicals on your skin break down elasticity and strength because they attack your connective fibers.

This actually speeds up the process that makes your skin sag and wrinkly. It may also prompt a dry, leathery look.

You Need Something That Goes Farther Than Skin-Deep

My secret is pretty simple. This means you need to take care of your skin from the inside out — particularly when it comes to your face.

That’s why I’ve created a distinctive skin cream that penetrates the deepest layers of your skin and strengthens your underlying tissues. The result is younger, healthier, baby-soft skin that makes it impossible for you to feel old. Instead, you’ll feel younger and look radiant.

I call it Replenish, my Age-Defying Coconut Honey Complex. Replenish

Replenish can quite possibly reverse the aging process. Along with protecting your face from the damage of free radicals and sunlight, it gives your skin exactly what it needs to regenerate.

Plus, it’s completely free of ingredients that speed up the aging process. I took extra measures to make sure Replenish is free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, FDC colors, and other harmful chemicals that could speed up the aging process like other creams do.

Best of all, I developed Replenish in partnership with Dr. Al Sears, MD. Dr. Sears is a leading anti-aging physician with extensive experience in the fields of complementary and natural healthcare. He also has a significant track-record in the development of all-natural skincare products.

Increase Skin Hydration by 90% with an
Invisible Cushion of Moisture

The real secret to keeping skin wrinkle-free is to moisturize and sanitize — effectively. I say that because it’s more than just a matter of washing your face and rubbing on some lotion.

What you need — or rather, what your skin needs — is a way to keep bacteria at bay while moisturizing deep into the lowest layers of the skin.

That’s why Replenish is so groundbreaking. Among other things, it consists of my proprietary blend of honey and coconut peptides. Let me tell you why this is so significant:

Bullet Honey is the ultimate moisturizer.
It absorbs into the skin to create an invisible cushion of moisture and prevents drying. Honey also sanitizes, reduces inflammation, and helps protect skin from sun damage. It’s loaded with natural anti-bacterial properties that absorb impurities from skin pores.

Arrow Coconut peptides provide desperately needed nourishment deep within your skin.
The coconut fruit is a natural toner and cleanser, known for its moisturizing properties. It also decreases excessive oil found in the face and improves absorption of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. On top of that, coconut supports tissue healing and repairs and protects the skin from harmful free radicals that promote premature aging.

The combination of these two ingredients alone supports the natural chemical balance of the skin. In turn, this prevents early sagging. They also provide a completely non-toxic way to protect your face from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.

But I didn’t stop there. In my quest to develop the ultimate age-defying skin cream, I wanted to make sure Replenish offered every possible level of skin protection and hydration.

So, I enhanced the cream with the following:

  • Coconut water — Improves blood circulation and is also anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial
  • Hyaluronic acid — A proven moisturizer that reduces existing wrinkles thanks to natural tissue restoration properties
  • Hydrolyzed rice protein — This proven skin conditioning agent protects against the degradation of collagen and results in visible improvement to skin surface conditions
  • Royal jelly — This secretion from honey bees is scientifically documented to stimulate and rejuvenate damaged skin at the cellular level; it’s also considered one of the most effective
    anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents in nature
  • Saccharomyces lysate — Healthy skin must be able to breathe, and this bio-active ingredient naturally derived from yeast stimulates essential cell respiration making it easier for your cells to breathe. It also helps activate the regeneration of skin tissue

 This remarkable blend of ingredients, combined with still other beneficial compounds, makes for a light, non-greasy cream. Because of that, Replenishis easily and readily absorbed into the skin of your face and neck.



One Other Thing You Should Know — It’s Called “Senescence” and You DON’T Want It

Have you ever heard the term senescence? It’s a synonym for aging. It describes the state of our cells once they’ve exceeded their cell division limit (meaning your skin no longer produces new, healthy cells).

This has a lot to do with the shortening of your telomeres. These are regions of non-coding DNA found at the end of chromosomes. Senescence — aka, aging — occurs when your telomeres get to a critical length.

In terms of skin, cellular senescence refers to erosion and the loss of fibroblasts (skin cells that provide strength and resilience). Unfortunately, senescent fibroblasts tend to win out over young fibroblasts, resulting in a gradual loss of the characteristics of young skin.

Which reminds me, there’s one more important component to Replenish I should mention. It’s called Baicalin, and it’s a proven, risk-free cellular regenerator.

Essentially, baicalin fixes the problem of telomeres shortening by creating the missing end piece. It’s also been proven to increase skin firmness and elasticity, improve skin restructuring, and increase the number of fibroblast duplications.

Baicalin comes from the roots of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi. Not only can it delay cellular senescence, it also helps your skin recover the youthful characteristics you had ten years ago.

What does this mean to you? Fast and fabulous change. Not only that, but it’s a change that can last forever. All you have to do is use Replenish on a regular basis.

Be One of the First to Try this Rejuvenating Breakthrough — Simply Click Here

Every day, I meet women who aren’t content with themselves. A large part of that links back to the way they feel about their looks.

Of course, looks aren’t everything — I’ll be the first to tell you that. But the way you look on the outside often shapes the way you feel on the inside.

If you look vibrant, youthful, and healthy, you’re more likely to feel that way. You’re more likely to look people in the eye, to take risks.

In contrast, looking old and worn out is a sure way to feel old and worn out — even if you’re not that old!

Regardless of your real age, Replenish gives you a simpler way to keep your skin healthy and looking young. I’ve come to think of it as my personal little “secret” for enhancing my own youthful looks.

It conditions and balances the skin, strengthens and tightens your cells without punishing your face and drying you out. There’s nothing rough about it. No harmful burning of your skin cells.

It’s simply a natural, proven way to enhance the way you look and have a positive impact on how you feel.

I know because I’ve seen this approach work in others, as well as myself.

If you’re ready to restore your beauty the natural way, I urge you to click right now on the link below. You’ll be among the first to enjoy this blend of proven ingredients. And as a thank you, I’ll send you a free copy of my speical report 10 Secrets to Staying Young, worth $9.97.


***Yes! I want to revitalize my skin and restore my youthful glow!***

Slow Down the Aging Process — Forever!

The bottom line is this: Unlike most skin creams, Replenish helps you shape up and recharge your skin — without contributing to further decline.

It’s a simple and gentle beauty regimen that leaves you looking and feeling better than ever.

Plus, it fits your busy lifestyle. Unlike other regimens, Replenishdoesn’t require multiple scrubs and steps.

In fact, I think that’s where a lot of us get stuck. You know you deserve to have youthful skin and you know it will make you feel better about yourself. But when it comes to beauty regimens, so many of them become time-sappers. And in the end, they don’t even work.

That’s the beauty of Replenish. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward. In a way, it’s like drinking water. Think about it. Water is one of the most basic things you can consume, yet it’s vital (not to mention effective!) for good health.

Replenishtakes the same approach. It’s a natural, basic cream that can halt the aging process over time thanks to its pure properties.

I invite you to be among the first to enjoy this extraordinary cream. You’ll see a difference in yourself that you may not have thought possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon get mistaken for being decades younger than your biological age! More importantly, you’ll probably feeldecades younger.

Don’t miss the chance to get your supply of this revolutionary new product for ageless skin care. Click the link below to get started. I’ll look forward to sending you your supply of this age-defying cream.

***Yes! I want to revitalize my skin and restore my youthful glow!***


To Your Youthful Skin,
Jackie Silver

P.S. Remember, if you order your discounted supply of Replenish right now, you’ll also receive a FREE copy of my report on 10 Age Defying Secrets To Flawless Skin, valued at $9.97. It brings you all you need to know about flawless skin.

P.P.S. Did I mention my rock-solid guarantee? If you’re not completely satisfied with the age-defying beauty effects of Replenish, I’ll give you a 100%, no-questions-asked refund. You don’t even need to send the bottle back. Just let me know and I’ll have a check in the mail to you immediately.

To learn more about Pure Radiance, Inc., call (888) 795-4005 or visit:


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