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Anti-Aging Secret from the Rainforest

  In my search for Nature’s healing secrets, I’ve encountered some fascinating... 

Laser IV Therapy Benefits

I know laser IV therapy works, because I tested it on myself. I’m talking about... 

Anti-Aging Secrets of the 8th Element

Oxygen … we all need it to survive. It’s the basic fuel for cell metabolism. Cut... 

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Andes Mountain Oil For Better Skin

I just got back from Bogotá where I spoke at a regenerative medicine conference... 

Beware Of Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

It’s summer again. All over the country people are slathering on their sunscreen.... 

Is Coconut Oil Right For Your Skin?

On my last trip to Jamaica, I asked a good friend how she kept her skin from drying... 

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Look The Way Nature Intended

Since the ’70s, at least a half-dozen Big Pharma drugs have been approved only to get shelved, because they ended up causing serious health problems. These problems have ranged from psychiatric and neurologic disorders to increased risks of heart attacks and strokes. The side effects have also included depression, vomiting, fainting, headaches, high... [Read more of this review]

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